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Top 5 Ways to Save on Your Cabin Rental

Realize that not all vacation rental companies are created alike. Some are simply too big to negotiate in any way, but by owners and Blue Ridge For Rent can work with renters and have a common sense approach - a bird in the hand can be worth two in the bush... Will a by owner negotiate a holiday six months in advance, no, let's be honest, but there are other ways to save a couple dollars here and there!


1) Flexible Dates & Last-Minute Discounts on Boone Rentals. If your dates are flexible and you can let a company direct you towards dates that fit a vacation rental's calendar perfectly, you may be able to negotiate your own rate. If a cabin has a block of dates available, maybe a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, those dates more than likely won't book, so aim for those dates and ask for a discount. Look for Saturday arrivals if a Friday is already booked. This like a vacation rental owner, squeeze into dates and seize the discount!


2) Weekday-Only visits - Most departures are on a Sunday morning. If you can arrive on a Sunday, stay just through the weekdays (depart by Thursday morning), you are entitled to a discount. 10%, 25%, the sky is the limit, depends on the owner, your dates, the whole situation.


3) Book, but plan to stay longer. Book and keep your eye on the calendar.  As your dates approach, offer to come a night earlier (a night that would otherwise go vacant) and get a discount. Same with your departure, offer to stay an extra night or two if nobody is coming in, but don't wait until the morning of, do it earlier so they can plan with the cleaners, seize the discount!


4) Lost the Amenities - if you do not need a Discount Hot Tub Cabin Rental in Boone or the fireplace will go unused (assuming firewood is provided), you may be able to offset rents with the removal of these amenities from the equation. A hot tub can cost $30-$50 just to clean before/after your family's visit and firewood and propane is not cheap! If you have 4x4, tell them not to plow during your stay, that can save the owner money as well. To get a discount, you simply have to ask - it may work!


5) Fees - Now this is a tough one to negotiate. Cleaning fees can exceed $200 for larger cabins, pet fees can range from $25 to $100 per visit. Booking fees also vary. Can these fees be maneuvered? Yes and no. A short haired, allergy-free dog may not warrant a fee? A return booker may not need to pay a boking fee. But negotiating a cleaning fee, please don't. You want the cabin as clean as clean can be and I am sure you do not want to learn that the group before you cleaned themselves and not a professional crew. Negotiating the nightly rate or asking for a Stay 4 Get a 5th night free sounds more realistic than a discounted fee.


Morale of the story - start the discussion. Reasonable minds may come to an agreement, but you won't know until you ask. Not everyone is willing to discount, especially not for peak dates such as holidays, but if itmakes sense on paper, it may make sense for your next Discount Boone Cabin Rental.

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