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Top 10 Cabin Rental Amenities


Top 10 Cabin Rental Amenities


Coming in at #1 for the 10th straight year is a Hot Tub Cabin Rental. Albeit a two person jacuzzi or a 6 person party hot tub, the hot tub has long been considered the lifebread of the mountain cabin rental. Though it can easily add $25 to $50 per night to a cabin's rates, it can also create some long lasting MouNtaiN MemOriEs!


#2 - Pet owners love their pets (just not as much as a hot tub) and many refuse to vacation without Fido. More and more cabin rentals, even the uber luxury cabins are choosing to go the pet friendly vacation rental route to better serve and appease the growing pet trend. Fees for a pet can genuinely go 100% to the cleaning staff to deep clean after Fido's departure and can range from free to $100/per. Pets also tend to be most responsible for cabin rental damage, so elect for damage protection which can range from $49 to $79 per trip, but covers most incidentals,


Although to many a queen bed will suffice, a king bed in your mountain rental has long been considered a luxury to many and still is a heavily requested amenity, coming in at #3. Although rarely a deal-breaker, unless you are a pro basketball player, a cabin with at least one king bed tends to rent better than one wthout, especially for romantic Boone NC Honeymoon Cabin Rentals.


The washer and dryer (W/D) is not a highly sought after amenity unless you are renting for a full week, then it certainly goes noticed if one is missing. You don't tend to think about a washer and dryer, well, until you need one. And the grill isn't for everyone and although most cabins have one of their deck, verify that a grille is at your cabin rental, if hot dogs and hamburgers or steak and corn on the cob are important to you. These are amenities that go overlooked quite frequently, so remember to ask or read the fine print!


3 - Nothing says mountain rental more than a loud crackling fire or the smell of Smores. A fireplace or Boone Cabin with a firepit or fire ring outside rents well. When making those MoUntaIn mEmoriEs families tend to best remember their time around the fireplace, spending time as a family. Does gas-burning sound practical or are you looking for wood-burning because both are polar opposites and often get lopped into the term "fireplace", so ask questions of your management company.


4 - Now that everyone has a Smart phone, a vacation rental with WiFi may not be as important as it once way, but heed this advice, but heed this advise: Remote cabins without WiFi or that advertise having an antiquated land line may not get ANY cell signal which may mean your Smart phones won't be very smart. Don't let this impeed you as a lot of restaurants have WiFi, as does the entire town of Blowing Rock which you can sign onto for free.



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